Hello Everyone!

In this first post on my personal blog, I want to share a few facts about myself:

  • I’m a 25-year-old Technical Product Owner with with 4 years of professional experience as QA Automation Engineer.
  • Last year, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Engineering Degree in Computer Science from AGH University in Cracow.
  • My main field of interests are AI, project building and management. Currently I’m trying to develop my skills in these areas by building my own projects and engaging in daily learning at my workplace.
  • Python is my primary language. I use it daily for writing scripts, building projects and creating test automation using Playwright.
  • I try to learn something new every day. On this blog, I will share information about my current projects and topics that fascinate me.
  • I have a passion for learning new languages. I am fluent in Polish and English, proficient in German, have basic knowledge of French, and I am currently learning Czech.
  • During my free time, I enjoy cooking, traveling, playing basketball and reading books.

I hope this short introduction has given you a glimpse into who I am and what I’m passionate about. I invite you to join me on this blogging journey where I will share insights into my projects, interests, and discoveries in the fields of AI, project building and management, personal development and much more.