My AI journey in 2024

The rise of AI in 2023

Last year was groundbreaking in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the public release of ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, the term ‘AI’ began to appear frequently in the media. This surge in public attention brought both challenges and opportunities. More and more people are using the tools, what provides engineers with better feedback about what is working and what should be improved. Projects start to generate money and get funding. Academic research accelerates. Overall, we are witnessing rapid growth and development in the AI world.

Public Opinion on AI

Public opinion is uncertain about how to approach the changes. Some people are overly optimistic, saying that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is around the corner or some even attributing consciousness to ChatGPT. On the other side of the spectrum there are people who are sceptical or even scared that AI will take our jobs and kill us all. AI is a topic that has captured people’s imaginations for decades, if not centuries. While there are no straightforward answers to all questions and concerns raised it’s crucial to keep educating the public about AI. We have to show the potential that it hides, but we also have to remember about the unknowns and the potential threats that it will bring. We don’t really know what the future and the development of that technology will bring, but we have to build it with humanity well-being in our minds.

Looking ahead

The year 2024 will introduce next groundbreaking changes in the AI landscape. We can either watch it from the backseat and wait for what is to come or actively participate in shaping the future of this technology and humanity.

Sharing my journey

I’m starting to write on this blog to share my personal journey with AI. My goal is to stay motivated, consistent, and to learn something new every day. In November 2023, I started exploring Generative AI. Through the cohort course AI_devs2 I learned about GenAI integration with applications and tool automations. Now I’m starting to work on my own projects and further expand my knowledge. I will share my ups and downs along the way, and if this helps even one person, I’ll be more than happy.

Let’s start this journey and see where it leads me.